Getting Started

Robotics is an endless-learning hobby. There are many different versions of robots you can make. From turtle bots to vehicles like the Mars rovers to rovers like R2-D2. From walkers that have anywhere from 1 to 10 legs to robotic arms to androids. Whatever you can dream, you can create.

Robots are electronic devices intended to perform a desired function. Many refer to them as "machines", however, a drill press is a machine, yet it requires an operator to perform its function, where robots can be programmed to do it themselves.

he level of expertise you want your robot to have and how much learning and research you want to do is up to you. For those who have relative experience in computer programming and electronics, this may come easier to you than anyone new to the hobby. Those who build models, RC vehicles, and other artwork will find it challenging to modify some of their previous projects. For those who have little or no knowledge, we will provide all the information you need to get you started, motivated, and learning what robotics is all about. Two good places to start are and Nuts & Volts Magazine. Once you have a few more references, we can go onto the next lesson.

Question: Ok, now that we've gotten a lesson about the Sci-Fi Channel, how do we build robots? How do I know what I'm going to create or what it'll look like?

Answer: That's our next step. Like any new subject, it takes time to learn everything there is, and sometimes we don't even learn everything. Next, we will learn a little about design

Robotics is an endless-learning hobby. There are many different versions...
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