Down to the basics

First of all, you need to design the robot you have in mind. Figuring out what type of design you will be going with will help in the process of building your robot. Here are some of the questions you may have:


  • Will it be plastic?

  • Will it be wood?

  • Will it be metal?



  • Will it run by remote control(tethered)?

  • Will it run by radio control(wireless)?

  • Will it be self programmed?


  • Will it be big?

  • Will it be small?


  • Will it run on batteries?

  • Will it be plugged in?

  • Will it run on solar power? (if so, try looking here)


  • Will it see?

  • Will it hear and record?

  • Will it sense odors?

  • Will it talk to you about what it sensed? (if so, try looking here)

On top of the design, you need to figure out if it will be a simple robot, an advanced robot, the schematics involved in wiring the robot, what it WILL do and what it WON'T do, and who it will be for.

Question: So, by the end of this tutorial, I'll be able to do all of that. Ok, so what do I need to build a robot?

Answer: What you need is a box full of tools and an area to work in. In the next lesson, we'll give you a list of some of the tools you'll need and idea of how you should set up shop.

First of all, you need to design the robot you...
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