4 Online Tools for Back to School
Get started with 4 free tools that will increase productivity, communication and engagement in your classroom.
Blended Learning Specialist, Lancaster ISD
All teachers need tools that are quick, easy and free to help them in their classroom. This class will explore Remind, Kahoot!, Socrative, and a suite of PDF tools that will help take your teaching to the next level this school year.
Here's a quick tip to help you make the most of this online course.
A free, one-way text messaging tool to keep your students and parents connected.
Get immediate data and feedback from your students so you can differentiate and intervene effectively.
Students LOVE this gamified, competitive quiz! Watch engagement rise with Kahoot! in your classroom.
Curriculum, handouts, worksheets...most of them are in the form of a PDF. But what do you do when you need to combine, split or rotate them? These easy-to-use online tools will help you do just that.
In this Module, you will submit the work you have completed to receive credit for this course.