Fitness Foundation
The basics & fundamental understanding fitness at a human level from first principles.
Interested in all things fitness.
Your body is a reflection of how well you take care of yourself. This class will aim to help you understand the basics of fitness to fundamentally equip you with the knowledge to take care of yourself well.

We'll be covering all the basics of fitness.
In this module, we cover the basics of what it means to be underweight, average, overweight & muscular
This module describes what our bodies are made of, this will help with creating an appropriate understanding of the root elements of our fitness.
While a calorie is a calorie, the body is not a closed system. What you consume affects metabolic and hormonal secretions which may cause you to store fat instead of expend fat, and vice versa.
Foundation lesson to get well versed with the human anatomy
Foundation lesson on how and why certain types of food help and certain types dont.